TFS 2013 – Renaming the Features Portfolio Backlog to Epics

One of the great Agile Planning features of TFS 2013 is the ability to use a hierarchy of backlogs. Out of the box, the “Features” backlog sits atop the Product Backlog, and you can associate PBIs and User Stories to Features.  One common request I hear from customers is, can I rename the “Features” backlog to something else, such as Epics. You certainly can, and I’ve created a sample Powershell script to automate it a bit.

This script will export the process config, edit the xml to rename the Features backlog to Epic, import the process config, and then call the renamewitd command. Finally, it performs an IISRESET, which is required.  Change the variables at the top to suit your needs.

And here is the end result:


Special thanks to MVP Chaminda Chandrasekara for blogging the steps over here:



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  1. Graham Cooke says:

    hi this is great. Do you know if it is possible in a similar way to actually replace the term "backlog" with something else (ie pipeline). My manage feels backlog has negative connotations…… :-/

  2. Jason Mowbray says:

    You may also want to alter the like:

       <WorkItemColor primary="FF773B93" secondary="FFEEE2F2" name="Feature" />


       <WorkItemColor primary="FF773B93" secondary="FFEEE2F2" name="Epic" />

    so the pipe colours remain.

  3. Anne Lee says:

    We would like to have Epics and Features.  How do you do that?

  4. Dan says:

    Hi Anne: if you're using TFS 2013 on-premises, you can add multiple hierarchical backlogs (Epics -> Features -> PBI, etc). See here:…/dn217880.aspx

    Visual Studio Online (our hosted "TFS as a Service") has both Epics and Features by default.

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