Talking bots at NDC Sydney 2017

Talking bots at NDC

This year at NDC we have four talks tackling the new(ish) area of conversational platforms and bots. Each talk takes a slightly different approach to bot building - some more technical, others taking a more human centered approach.

This is a quick overview of the bot sessions by Microsoft staff you'll find at NDC Sydney 2017.

The need to know deep dive

The best place to start is by joining Vishesh Oberoi from Microsoft NZ Commercial Software Engineering who's taking a deep dive in to building bots with Microsoft technologies and services. This session is a great starting place to set the stage whether you've played with bots or not. There will be plenty of coverage of all the bits and pieces it takes to build a modern bot with the latest tech.

Deep dive into building Bots with the Microsoft Bot Framework and Cognitive Services. (Wednesday, 17:40 - 18:40, Room 6) Intermediate

The engineering problem

On Friday morning Azadeh and Jordan from Commercial Software Engineering based in Sydney are taking a look at bot building from an engineering view point. Converstaional UI's are a new paradigm, and Microsoft AI services are giving the power back to software engineers to build these radically new methods of system interaction. It's a new area - but all the old best practices are still there even if they are slightly veiled.

Chatbots - the next UI (Friday, 10:20 - 11:20), Room 5) Intermediate

Look from the human perspective

Nigel Parker, Principle Software Engineer from NZ will be stepping through his unique solution to personal care using the most modern technologies. Bots are all vigilent, bots have all the information, why not make them use that data to help improve your quality of life!

Take Control of the Data of You (Friday, 15:00 - 16:00, Room 2) Beginner

Shooting the breeze

Perhaps the most important part of building compelling converstaional systems is the... converstaion. It's a new area with new traps for beginners. Vish is back to run you through some of the latest thinking around how to build compelling bot experiences.

The Art of Coding a Conversation: Designing Bots (Friday, 16:20 - 17:30, Room 5) Intermediate

The NDC Bot

Have I ever mentioned how awesome the developer community is in Australia? @luizbon has made a bit of a name for himself building bots for the various developer events around the place - and NDC Sydney is no different!

Check out the NDC Sydney 2017 bot.

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