Devinar 2018 is here!

Devinar is an online event starting March 5th 2018 covering various Developer technologies right from Visual Studio to Cognitive Services, from Edge extensions to ASP.NET. You will also see fascinating debugging techniques viz., Managed Debugging, Performance troubleshooting, network debugging and many more . These sessions will be delivered via skype spanning from 60 minutes to 90 minutes, so you can sit back in your space and enjoy. Tune in this March to elevate your technical quotient!

Devinar 2018 Poster

We have the below sessions and many more to be added. If you would like to receive an invite for the sessions, leave a comment in the comment section below or just click on the Hyperlink which will download the invites to your machine!

Date Slot 1.30 PM IST to 3.00 PM IST
(8 AM GMT to 9.30 AM GMT)
Slot 3.30 PM IST to 5.00 PM IST
(10 AM GMT to 11.30 AM GMT)
March 5,2018  

Introduction To Time Travel Debugging


March 6, 2018 TFS to VSTS migration using TFS Migrator-tool.

Say Hi to Process Monitor Process-Explorer and Fiddler


March 7, 2018
Browsers: Proxy Configurations, Scripting and troubleshooting
Your troubleshooting friend:Visual Studio debugger


March 8, 2018 A glimpse of performance profiling tools
March 9, 2018 Monitoring applications using Application Insights  

EDGE Extension and Microsofts open source SONAR tool


March 12, 2018 Understanding Access and Authentication options for VSTS and migrating from MSA to AAD based Authentication
Diagnosing common memory leak pattern in the browser
March 13, 2018  


VSTS Workitem Customization
March 14, 2018 Continuous-Deployment to Azure Getting Started with ASP.NET Core
March 15, 2018 CI-CD with VSTS for Node.js project
Xamarin & Visual Studio App Center Productivity Guaranteed
March 16, 2018 Using Microsoft Cognitive-Services, Face-and Emotions API
Diving deep with conversational bots using Azure Bot Service



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