Feature update: Resize a lab virtual machine

One of the great benefits of Azure virtual machines is the ability to change the size of your virtual machine based on the needs for CPU, network or disk performance. Lab users can now leverage this feature inside DevTest Labs. This feature allows users to update the size of their virtual machines according to their needs without having to create a fresh machine every time their requirements change. 

The resize feature will respect the lab policy for allowed virtual machine sizes within the lab. This means as a lab user you will be able to resize your machines to one of the available sizes in your lab.

To resize a virtual machine, click on the Size option under Settings on the virtual machine blade.

Clicking the size option will open a blade that will allow you to pick an available size in your lab. The virtual machine should be resized to the specified size after clicking on the Select button.

You can track the resize operation through the notifications blade in the Azure portal.

You can also refer to this blog post to learn more about the resize feature.

Try it today and let us know what you think about it!

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