Announcing Azure DevTest Labs in Azure Government

Today, we're excited to announce the availability of Azure DevTest Labs in Azure Government. Azure DevTest Labs is a self-service sandbox environment in Azure that enables you to quickly create dev/test environments while minimizing waste and controlling costs.

Developers and testers need to spend considerable time configuring their self-service environments. Decision makers want to leverage the cloud to improve the efficiency of their developers while managing costs and minimizing process overhead.

With Azure DevTest Labs, you – the lab creator – select the settings for lab use, security, compliance, and governance. Your lab users create virtual machines from the set of Azure marketplace and custom images that you define. Authorized lab users leverage reusable artifacts to run extensions or deploy applications once a virtual machine is created. In this way, IT partners with your software teams who are empowered to work with agility and self-service – the DevOps way.

With the availability of DevTest Labs in Azure Government, US government agencies and their partners can modernize their legacy infrastructure to build fast, easy and lean environments. You can get a high-level understanding of the service through the What is Azure DevTest Labs?  video. Then you can get started with using the service with our documentation

Known limitations:

Try DevTest Labs in Azure Government today and let us know what you think!

  • Got an idea to make DevTest Labs work better for you? Submit your feedback/ideas or vote for others at Azure DevTest Labs UserVoice forum.
  • Have a question? Check out the answers or ask a new one at MSDN forum.
  • To get the latest information on the service releases, outage updates and our thoughts on DevTest Labs, check out the Azure DevTest Labs team blog and subscribe to our service updates.


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