Accessing Linux virtual machines created from non-deprovisioned custom images.

Users are experiencing issues while trying to access Linux virtual machines created from non-deprovisioned custom images.
This is beacuse the Linux team removes the password file from the virtual machine when they start provisioning a new machine from the custom image that is not deprovisioned. As a result users can’t use the same credentials to login into the machine. Being a DevTest Labs user, users do not have permission to access the underlying compute virtual machine which results in them being locked out of the machine.

There are two workarounds in this scenario:

  • Use SSH keys when you are creating the source VM.
    By using SSH keys instead of passwords, the credentials on the machine will persist.
    This way, when a user wants to create a custom image and create new VMs from it, he/she can enter the SSH key and access the virtual machine. Hence this should allow you to continue using non-deprovisoned custom images.
  • Run deprovision on the machine while creating a custom image.
    This will allow you specify credentials which can then be entered while creating new virtual machines from the custom image.

We also have a feature on our backlog to allow users to access VMs created from deprovisoned custom images using password credentials.

We regret any inconvenience this may have caused you and hope these workarounds work in your scenarios. Please reach out to us for any questions.

-DevTest Labs Team.

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