Set auto-shutdown for Virtual Machines in Azure

You can schedule auto-shutdown for virtual machines created either through the Azure Resource Manager or Azure DevTest Labs, to mitigate the cost waste from running VMs after working hours. This feature was originally available only for VMs in Azure DevTest Labs, but due to its popularity it was made available for all Resource Manager–based Azure VMs. A significant number of users already having centrally managed dev/test workloads running in Azure can now make use of this feature.

To set auto-shut down for a VM, go to the VM blade in the Azure portal or in a DevTest Lab and select the Auto-shutdown blade under Operations on the resource menu. On this blade you can specify the shutdown time and the time zone for which you want your VM to be shut down automatically.

You can also enter a webhook url or email addresses which would be used to notify you of the VM shutdown 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time. This notification will allow you to either delay or skip the auto shutdown in case you want to continue working on your machine. This will provide users with an opportunity to save their work and not be forced out of their machines unexpectedly.

                                                                                       Image 1: Setting auto-shutdown through a DevTest Lab


                                                                               Image 2. Setting auto-shutdown through the Azure Resource Manager


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