Feature update: Enable custom images with Licensing terms

Recently we added a feature that allows the Lab user to create a VM from a licensed image, however, it was not possible to create a custom image from that VM. Custom images enable you to create VMs quickly without having to wait for all the required software to be installed on the target machine.
As a Lab user, you can now create a custom image from a licensed image (Data science, Bitnami, Kali Linux) so that you can create VMs with the custom software you need.
The custom image can be either created in the Lab from a VM or from an uploaded VHD.
When you create the custom image from an uploaded VHD, you need to enter the appropriate plan information for that image. Please note that entering incorrect plan information may cause the custom image to be unusable.

The created custom image will include details about the plan name, offer and publisher for that licensed image.

Try it today and let us know what you think about it!

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