Thank you for a wonderful year! – Blog posts and artifacts (PowerShell on Linux, WebDeploy, etc.) with all the love from community

This has been a BIG year for Azure DevTest Labs! We announced the general availability this May, and have been continuously releasing more and more capabilities in the service to help our customers further control the cost and mitigate the waste with an optimized experience. It includes ,  just name a few (see our   In addition, we also brought  the most favorable lab feature – auto-shutdown policy – to all the ARM-based Azure VMs, to help customers control the cost from their  Dev/Test VMs running outside of DevTest Labs.

Since the launch, we’ve been excited to see more and more customers’ usage and valuable feedback. What makes it an even more wonderful  year is that we are also thrilled to see a lot of love from the people in the community who contributed excellent blog posts and DevTest Labs Artifacts to help our customers make the best use of Labs! Although I’m not able to list all of them one by one in a short blog post, I would still like to highlight some of them below.

Blog posts

Clemens Reijnen has written quite a few blog posts discussing when and how to use DevTest Labs at high level. His posts are full of illustrations, which makes the content very easy to understand and enjoyable to read,  such as this one that introduces all the things to consider when setting up DevTest Labs.

On the other hand, Tarun Arora authored a series of blog posts that provide step-by-step walkthrough to automate the tasks when using DevTest Labs, such as using VSTS release management for continuous deployments to Azure DevTest Labs.

In addition to the blog posts, we also saw community contribution to the articles in some magazine s! For example, Vikram Pendse posted the article, DevTest Labs in Microsoft Azure, at DNC Magazine with detailed walkthrough to set up DevTest Labs.

Ravikanth Chaganti created a great article at PowerShell Magazine that introduces how to use Azure DevTest Labs artifact for installing PowerShell on Linux – an artifact he created and has been committed to Azure DevTest Labs public artifacts repository.


We’ve seen a lot of positive feedback from customers how easy it is to use DevTest Labs Artifacts to set up a VM. Especially with DevTest Labs public repository, users get artifacts to use out-of-box. In the past year, we’ve accepted and highly encouraged community contribution on Artifacts. Below are what we’ve seen (just name a few):

Thank YOU for a wonderful year!

As mentioned earlier, these are just a few contributions we’ve seen from the community. At the end of this post, the whole DevTest Labs team would like to express our deepest appreciation for your support in the past year! We are looking forward to an even better year in 2017, and we know this wouldn’t happen without you!

Thank you and wish you a wonderful holiday!


- Your DevTest Labs team


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