List of 10 Windows Phone 7 Articles that are useful

Here is a list of ten articles that I have reviewed for a presentation at BYU.  Thought I would share them with you:   Panorama Control Overview for Windows Phone Bing Maps REST Services Panorama Control Architecture for Windows Phone Panorama Control Features and Best Practices for Windows Phone How to:…


Building Windows Phone Apps, Windows Phone Apps, Windows Phone Apps

The economy at the end of 2011 is not going well for many groups of people.  Scams are all over the place, I must get hit up by at least one scam a month, and these are what I call “honest” scams, well meaning people who think they have a good idea and they want…


Game tutorials For Imagine Cup Phone Game Category: Freaking AWESOME

Using Silverlight with your game can be helpful in making something that looks good and gives you a reason for using Expression Blend 4.0 for Phone that is supplied with the Windows Phone SDK 7.1. Get to Windows Phone 7.5 #1: From XNA to SLXNA Get to Windows Phone 7.5 #2: Adding FAS to XNA…


Design Windows Phone Applications, for business or games, using free or sort of free stuff

I guess games are a business.  To get started with really rapid prototyping you will need to install the Expression Ultimate studio 4 (for business you would only need this one) and for games you will need to also add Expression Blend 3 and then either install the Windows Phone SDK or reinstall it after…


170 Free Game Audio Files, Free as in non-Exclusive, Worldwide, Royalty-Free

Wow, this is cool, FREE as in Microsoft Permissive License (MS-PL), you do have to include the Ms-PL license in your distribution files, so make sure download it when you download these files.  That’s all you got to do.  COOL! Dolphins with a bad attitude


Game Design for Windows Phone and the Imagine Cup 2012, part deux

  Like I said in a previous blog: The tutorial on may be the best tutorial ever on game design.  Really.  If you disagree let me know where the better beginning tutorial is located.  After reading the entry, I found a couple of things that could be confusing.  There a couple of things, items…


Project ideas for Imagine Cup and senior projects

Normally I would have posted this on my blog, but this is just an amazing source of ideas for student projects with videos.  The videos are also an excellent example of the way student videos should be done for any classes that I teach. Here is the link you should use: For links…


Get started with Windows Phone Programming using Silverlight

A nice resource you should put in your favorites on Windows Phone Programming using Silverlight: Silverlight Application Development for Windows Phone Silverlight is a key technology for the Windows Phone and future Windows Operating Systems.  Most if not all of your WPF coding experience can be ported over to Silverlight.  With the Nokia partnership, Microsoft…


Windows Phone 7: Videos on how to build Silverlight games on Windows Phone 7

  Silverlight Game Development for Windows Phone 7 (Part 1 of 6): System Setup and Tools Silverlight Game Development for Windows Phone 7 (Part 2 of 6): Game Core Concepts Silverlight Game Development for Windows Phone 7 (Part 3 of 6): Handling Input and Logic  Silverlight Game Development for Windows Phone 7…