TouchDevelop: Cultural Based Games

In my CSULB class I have a brilliant student from West Africa, and in case you are wondering, all of my students are brilliant, but they have different brilliance.  Issaka Galadima is quite brilliant in being able to bring African Traditional Mythologies into game play.  He has introduced several brilliant ideas, here are two: Lightning…


DirectX/C++/CX: MOD a C++ app using XML and do it quickly!

Check out Fall Fury, this app is awesome and really works, although my brain did when I first tried to use it.  You SLIDE the buttons not click them. Ok, enough about my dorkage, what do you think about my dorkage? “Modding” Fall Fury XMLand making people think you are brilliant! First download the Fall…


C++/CX: Good Book for DirectX games: DirectX 11.1 Game Programming

I am currently reading the book DirectX 11.1 Game Programming by Pooya Eimandar and it is AWESOME.  I would recommend that you head right over to and buy it. DirectX 11.1 Game Programming , the eBook is less than $20, and just the first chapter is worth it.  Pooya does make the occasional error,…


Windows 8.1, WinSxS and C++

The folder winsxs in the Windows folder is usually quite large and you never want to delete it, never ever touch anything in it.  If you do, you will enter what used to be called DLL Hell. WinSxS stands for Windows side by side.  At least till Windows 8.1. Why is Winsxs so big and…


C++/XAML: Determining the view state or orientation of your Windows 8

How hard is it to use the VisualStateManager Animations with your view states?  Not very hard.  In Windows 8.1 the ApplicationViewState enumerations are going to be deprecated in 8.1 and onward you will need to query for the Windows Size directly.  I will cover this when I get my 8.1 machine back from the tech…


Move to Windows 8.1 or stay on Windows 8? Move to VS 2013 or stay on VS 2012?

I would recommend anyone reading this blog make the move on a “non-production” computer immediately.  I have transitioned my “production” machine and surface RT, and I am not having any problems.  Ok, the SurfaceRT seems to have a connection problem with my WiFi when I am downstairs in the livingroom, but otherwise works fine.  My…


Async coding in C++ means never having to say you are sorry

Maybe.  That is a paraphrase quote from an old movie called "Love Story", that is seriously boring, unless you are with someone you either love or hope to, then it is still boring if you actually watched it.  Like Dr. Zhivago or whatever, I didn’t know it was in Russia till a few years ago….


Windows 8 Tile Live Notification using C++

In my blog entry: I wrote a super simple code to demonstrate that C++ isn’t all that difficult to use with Visual Studio.  But it was a little light on details and this article is written to correct that problem. Let’s be clear, I think that C++ isn’t the ultimate software language.  It is…


Free Windows 8 help and software tools

Please click on the links and check out these offers, they cost you nothing and might help you make money! Azure 90-day Free Trial: Get started or learn how to build cloud apps! VS Express 2012 RC for Windows 8 & Windows 8 Release Preview Downloads on Dev Center This has SDKs, hands on…