Game: Recent update to DirectX Tool Kit (or native XNA)

Just noticed that the DirectX Tool Kit has a recent update as of Sept 5, 2014, which some call “Native XNA” I don’t, but some do.  So check it out at: <<Uses a go link, if it doesn’t work, copy and paste into your browser> to use you will need to follow the following…


Arduino Netduino: Bluetooth test findings

I could NOT get that Bluetooth JY-MCU to work, until I used the 5 volts not the 3.3 volts.  Got that.  The voltage range for the JY-MCU is 3.6 to 6 volts, which means that 3.3 volts is not equal to 3.6 volts.  Duh! To help with the troubleshooting as I stated I simplified everything…


DirectX/C++/CX: MOD a C++ app using XML and do it quickly!

Check out Fall Fury, this app is awesome and really works, although my brain did when I first tried to use it.  You SLIDE the buttons not click them. Ok, enough about my dorkage, what do you think about my dorkage? “Modding” Fall Fury XMLand making people think you are brilliant! First download the Fall…


C++/CX: Win 8.1 DirectX On Ramp, Part 1: Stripper App

Next Blog The tutorial at free part is great, it is rare that I would say that about most of the content on DirectX, but the $50 premium is really worth it.  I hope Chris doesn’t mind if I use some of his ideas on my blog, but I have no idea how his…


Windows 8.1, WinSxS and C++

The folder winsxs in the Windows folder is usually quite large and you never want to delete it, never ever touch anything in it.  If you do, you will enter what used to be called DLL Hell. WinSxS stands for Windows side by side.  At least till Windows 8.1. Why is Winsxs so big and…


Win 8.1 & DirectX 11.2: Shader Model links, including the HLSL Language Syntax

Link to HLSL Code sample HLSL shader compiler sample (Windows 8.1)  Links and definitions about Shader Models: Shader Model 5 Language Syntax  Make sure to bookmark this one: Semantics Intrinsic Functions (tested functions, you can write your own if need be) Write your own: Asm Shader Reference Data Types This table shows which types to…


Free Video on how to get started with VS 2013 C++/XAML/DirectX

Check out my video that shows how to get started with Visual Studio 2013 to create C++/XAML/DirectX type of apps.  It is very simple and likely is not for the experienced programmer.  But you might like it if the documentation you are reviewing is out of sync with VS 2013.


Free: Download the Windows 8.1 SDK

Make sure to download the correct Windows SDK for your operating system.  Why? Just wasted a little time and tried to install the Windows 8 SDK, that won’t work and will return an error of 2753, which might lead you to try one of the registries fix.  So make sure you download the correct one. …


Using DirectX 11.2 and C++ to build the most basic Windows Form

You know, I can make a lot of stuff work and work well.  My neighbors, professors, and students often ask me to review documents, projects and so forth.  So I keep looking at the tutorials on MSDN, like the one at:Creating a Simple Direct2D Application  and ask myself who is this written for?  Why does…