Direct X 11, XNA and Blender

I am loading the Direct X June edition onto my system, and thinking: “Why am I doing this?”  Perhaps dear reader, you may view this as an attack on my XNA rants and dislike of low level programming (in this case using C++), or perhaps you may be thinking I stayed up too late last…


Free ly thinking: MediaPlayerLauncher, how to use in your WP7 Projects

Thanks to the kindness of Kenny Spade, see his blog at, I would still have been stumped/confused about how to implement the MediaPlayerLauncher in XNA. (Kenny is one awesome person!) Kenny was kind enough to provide the following code: protected override void LoadContent() { spriteBatch = new SpriteBatch(GraphicsDevice); MediaPlayerLauncher mpl = new MediaPlayerLauncher(); mpl.Location…


Free ly Thinking: Can I increase the frame rate in Windows Phone 7

No. You can decrease the framerate, which you might do to conserve resources, but the framerate cannot exceed 30 frames per second on the phone. The line I am referring to is: TargetElapsedTime = TimeSpan.FromTicks(333333); Although the emulator will speed up, the phone will not, yet another reason to have a phone to test with….


Review of 101 Windows Phone 7 Apps, volume 1: Developing Apps 1-50

Pretty good, although a little out of date, but the projects for the most part work.  I didn’t work through all of them, but there are quite a few cute and interesting projects like the Talking Parrot (Chapter 35), nicely done. This is the type of book that gets you started with a little more…


Pong updated for XNA 4.0 video: Starting, adding classes, and code

The code snippets and wonderful art work can be found at . In this video, you will have the pong running in the simplest manner, no scoring, etc.  This is the very basic approach, with no explanation of the code. Challenge: Switch this over to a phone:


3D Graphics: Blender or SoftImage?

Blender has real issues, it is hard for many people to use easily.  It is open source and has a bunch of potential. SoftImage, will it always be free for use by Students?  Don’t know. I noticed that Dan Waters is teeing up a new fat tutorial over on his blog, and if his past…


XNA 4.0: Planet Boy responds to multi-touch on the Win Phone emulator

In my past few posts, I have shown how to create a really, really simple game, it isn’t all that fun, but with the exception of scoring and writing on the screen, it shows most of the simple elements that can be used in a game.  After an excellent online talk by the dynamic and…


XNA 4.0: Moving PinkGirl around using the mouse

Share this post, pretty please! : You might be thinking: “How do I move my game characters around?”  Let’s talk about moving characters, I think about movement in the following manner: Your game program needs to move the characters/actors/objects The player needs to move the character/actors/objects Need to test for the edge of the screen…


BoundingBox.Intersects versus rectangle.Intersect

BoundingBox.Intersects versus rectangle.Intersect: In 2D the use of rectangle is very simple to use, bounding box is some what of an overkill.  I try to make the difference clear in this article. In the code for the example HelloXNAFramework, a collision is detected using the following code: //Start code void CheckForCollision() {         BoundingBox bb1…