DirectX/C++/CX: MOD a C++ app using XML and do it quickly!

Check out Fall Fury, this app is awesome and really works, although my brain did when I first tried to use it.  You SLIDE the buttons not click them. Ok, enough about my dorkage, what do you think about my dorkage? “Modding” Fall Fury XMLand making people think you are brilliant! First download the Fall…


Async coding in C++ means never having to say you are sorry

Maybe.  That is a paraphrase quote from an old movie called "Love Story", that is seriously boring, unless you are with someone you either love or hope to, then it is still boring if you actually watched it.  Like Dr. Zhivago or whatever, I didn’t know it was in Russia till a few years ago….


Building Windows 8 app for Token in 7 days

For some reason the PFE at Microsoft said that I could have an interview, I pointed out that I worked for Microsoft and he said that it was ok.  So I said: “Ok”.  And have now scheduled an appointment for next Thursday.  This means I have to build an app in 7 days that doesn’t…