DirectX OnRamp: Understanding Graphics Concepts Part 3

Previous                                                                                                                  Next You will need to understand a few things about the DirectX Graphic Concepts. Start with  Lesson 1: Understanding Graphics Concepts (it’s lesson one for DirectX, the other four lessons were related to Windows Programming).  Once you have worked through the DirectXTutorials, the MSDN material at Create your first Windows Store app using DirectX…


C++/CX: DirectX OnRamp, Part 2: Working with Application LifeCycle

Previous Blog                                                                                                                                       Next Oh dear, yet someone else has stated that C++/DirectX is just too difficult.  Well maybe, but I have never been paid to do the easy thing, and I know how to deal with my career when things go badly (on the other hand I don’t do as well when things go good). …


C++/CX: Win 8.1 DirectX On Ramp, Part 1: Stripper App

Next Blog The tutorial at free part is great, it is rare that I would say that about most of the content on DirectX, but the $50 premium is really worth it.  I hope Chris doesn’t mind if I use some of his ideas on my blog, but I have no idea how his…


C++/CX: DirectXTex a helper library for DirectX textures

You can find the download at: DirectXTex texture processing library (really if you are used to Codeplex, just hang on the site and check out the documentation, etc.) What is it? Top line: Content Pipeline for your game engine DirectXTex, is a shared source library for reading and writing DDS files, and performing various texture…


Why so much discussion about DirectX & C++? What about Unity or Ogre?

C++ has made some significant changes to emerge into a widely usable language.  Microsoft’s use of XAML with C++ clearly shows the capabilities that C++ now brings to the game.  Although not as easy to use as say C# and XAML, or as popular as HTML5/JavaScript, C++ and C is still the languages that power…


C++, Direct3D, Building a Dice Game and more in Windows 8, with video

Here are three links for you, if you are looking at the DirectX mess of documentation and confusing tutorials that seem to be written for someone else other than you.  I like the Roberto Sonnino’s work, and I am most likely going to use his material since it is the freshest out there.  C-three-parts-3D-and-the-Visual-Studio-3D-Starter-Kit Developing…


Links to Windows 8.1 DirectX 11.2 samples

MSDN and Bing or Google give it a good shot, but the many links that show up for a search for Windows 8.1 and DirectX 11.2 are at best confusing.  So here are some links that I found useful with my comments included.  These were tested on 8/15/2013 if they no longer exist or out…


Win 8.1 & DirectX 11.2: Shader Model links, including the HLSL Language Syntax

Link to HLSL Code sample HLSL shader compiler sample (Windows 8.1)  Links and definitions about Shader Models: Shader Model 5 Language Syntax  Make sure to bookmark this one: Semantics Intrinsic Functions (tested functions, you can write your own if need be) Write your own: Asm Shader Reference Data Types This table shows which types to…


Using the DirectX App (XAML) project, the HLSL part, CSO and so forth

Well there are a lot of changes between Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, especially if you are using DirectX to build the next amazing game.  You are doing it the hard way, but I am with you on this.  There are a bunch of well defined game engines, but sometimes you just have to start…


Using Class Wizard to create Classes in C++

This is a quick video that show you how to use the Class Wizard in C++. How to use the class wizard in VS 2013 C++