Hour of Code: fun and quiet time for the mature child

Ok, it’s the day after Thanksgiving in the US, for some it’s a day to go shopping, for others the children may be getting your on your nerves.  There are number of things you could do: Feed the children a diet of sugar based foods and cola or even coffee.  This item won’t lead to…


Windows 10, TouchDevelop and App Studio

Ok, these are not Universal Apps if you feel a need to be one of the beautiful persons who use Universal Apps.  And you should learn how to use Universal Apps, see this MVA: http://bit.ly/uniapps .  Am I using the concept?  Not yet, not convinced that the Web App isn’t the best app.  SaleForce does…


IOT: TouchDevelop Generates Arduino Code

For IOT, having a nice design tool chain is a great benefit.  Sure you can crank out C/C++ Wiring code for the Arduino.  So can TouchDevelop, and this means that you could start your coding on your Phone, Tablet, iPad like device or Surface RT.  I like this as it is a way to use…


Onedrive: Using it for Video streaming, very nice not to have advertisements

Well, one thing you can say about Google: They know how to advertise in your face and how to read your inbox.  Microsoft is good at neither of those really, Microsoft advertisement just doesn’t seem that pushy to me, but then again I am a stockholder and Technology Evangelist, so I am going to have…


Pebble Watch and Embedded Systems: Trillions of Simple Things

Currently there are about 30 billion sensors in the world that could be considered embedded.  This means that those old mercury based thermostats that are still laying around in the environment don’t count.  That is 30 billion devices that use some sort of CPU or connect to a CPU in some way.  Pretty big number….


TouchDevelop: Cultural Based Games

In my CSULB class I have a brilliant student from West Africa, and in case you are wondering, all of my students are brilliant, but they have different brilliance.  Issaka Galadima is quite brilliant in being able to bring African Traditional Mythologies into game play.  He has introduced several brilliant ideas, here are two: Lightning…


TouchDevelop: Build Windows Store apps easily and quickly

I just completed a simple app and got it in the store in about 24 hours.  Students that I work with have gotten apps in the store in less than 3 hours or so.  It isn’t difficult but you do need to get some practice.  Like a doctor who is learning how use the DaVinci…


XAML/C++: Why learn C++ and not Python?

Important links: Starting to learn about XAML can be found at: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms752059.aspx   Now the blah-blah, useless stuff, but the following is the reason for the title and article Python is definitely easier to learn, and so is TouchDevelop (see http://www.TouchDevelop.com).  But is the real guts of software?  First it is C and then C++,…


TouchDevelop: Creating Phone Apps on your Windows Phone 7

How do I distribute my apps that I create with the TouchDevelop scripting tool?  To find out how to use the TouchDevelop programming system visit: http://bit.ly/touchdevelopblog The blog entry explains how to use the TouchDevelop. To see the bazaar, where you can share script, etc.  go to: http://www.touchdevelop.com/ , sign in using Facebook or LiveID. …