Links to things I am working with on Kinect

Here are some links that I am working through with Kinect for an event that I did on Saturday, Aug. 17, 2013. Kpaint From <> Kinect PowerPoint Mapper – A fresh look at Kinect’ing to PowerPoint From <> Using the Kinect to read Sign-Language From <> A Kinect Application Project Template From <> Advancing physical…


List of items to help you get started with teaching C++ using the Kinect

Yeech.  C++. After nearly 20 years of advancement in software development, C++ is returning.  Sort of like that old girlfriend (or boyfriend, your choice) that you dumped years ago, now you are divorced, and you run into her (him) at Starbucks.  She/he looks just the same as they did 20 years ago.  That’s the problem,…


Kinect: Installing the Software Design Kit

Let’s say you want to use Kinect to build an application, you will need to have two things on your system: Visual Studio Express for Windows Phone 7 Kinect Beta SDK (Software Design Kit) First off, install the Visual Studio Express for Windows Phone 7: Link valid as of 1/16/2012 If this doesn’t work,…


Kinect: Curriculum for the classroom

In case you are a high school teacher you might want to download this free curriculum: You will need to have a LiveID to get to the document. This does not show you how to program the Kinect, but it does give you curriculum that uses the Kinect on the XBox in the classroom….


Kinect: Autistic Children respond to Kinect!?

Some questions have come up around the use of Kinect and Autistic children, as usual any good questions are fuel for my blog! Bear in mind I don’t have children, and only deal with Computer Science students and professors as well as fellow team members and managers at Microsoft.  But the question comes up: Can…


Kinect: What the Kinect can do in the classroom

Use Xbox 360, Kinect™ for Xbox 360 and Kinect Adventures or Kinect Sports to generate classroom learning in a number of themes. The resources at the link below has been designed to provide a variety of ideas and strategies for how an instructor might choose to use kinect in the classroom. These ideas can be…


Free ly thinking: WPF and Kinect and NUI, but not NUD

My favorite new guy on the team, Jerry Nixon, (click on his name to see his blog), my favorite because he is the only new guy.  But considering my own seniority at Microsoft, most everyone is a new person.  And I sent him an email yesterday, similar to the following: **************************************** Jerry, Most of…


Bing Map SDK Beta, could you use it with Kinect?

Checking the most excellent source of all things Kinect and there is no demo project that uses Kinect with Bing Map SDK.  Think about it, if you watched the movie Minority Report (but not the Philip K. Dick story of the same name) the detectives were using a tool that looked a lot like Kinect….