Snap, Snap, Snap: Windows 8 Game Design and HTML 5, part 2

I really like Windows 8, ok, I really liked Windows 7 and Vista, but this is different, I like the change in technology.  It is painful but worthwhile.  Anyway, in the previous blog, I wandered around in the HTML5 JavaScript example and pretty much confused myself, and likely you as well.  As they say: You…


Snap, Snap, Snap: Windows 8 Game Design and HTML 5, part 1

Snap.  Snap.  Snap. Get it? Snap.  So how do you do a Snap?  Ever watch a little kid who hasn’t quite got the hang of snapping their fingers, hilarious.  In a nice way. What about Windows 8 snapping?  I just read Jeremy Fosters blog on snapping and it is easy to do.  Sort of.  Not…


HTML 5: What is in IE 10?

In the previous blog post I discussed IE 9 and a short cheat sheet on HTML 5.  What about IE 10, and HTML 5? See the link for HTML 5: Of course for the place to go for HTML 5: Cool.


HTML 5 and Javascript/ECMAScript: Is this the end my friend for .NET CLR?

I don’t know, really, the answer will be determined at Build, so stay tuned.  And I am not going to speculate, not because of some management thing about mentioning anything about Windows 8, but because my BlatherEngine is low on fuel.  I had burned through a bunch of ideas to get through my vacation timeframe,…


Free HTML 5 Upgrade for Visual Studio 2010 and 2008, all versions!

You can now add the HTML 5 intellisense to your Visual Studio 2010 and 2008, it can be found over at this URL: To make sure the HTML 5 Intellisense is works correctly follow the instructions at:​/html5-support-​in-visual-studi​o-2010 Once you set the HTML 5 switch, then it works, but there are documented issues such…


Getting prepared for the next thing

Let’s say that you might be interested in preparing for the future. Here is how I am preparing for the future HTML 5, not certain, but it appears that Google and others are betting big time on this, so why wouldn’t Microsoft? Silverlight, get prepared for the future by preparing for the Silverlight exam 70-506…


HTML 5: Changes in the DOCTYPE, really starting at the top and beginning of HTML 5 HTML 5: 变化中的 DOCTYPE,真正从顶部开始,开始的 HTML 5

Oh you just know I will likely lose interest, see a bright shiny object or get another assignment before we walk through HTML 5, but I just got the HTML 5 “bug” or “focus”.  (In this case for the translation tools, a “bug” is something that has I am interested in to the exclusion of…


IE10, Internet Explorer 10, yes that’s right Internet Explorer 10 news

Sometimes I am amazed at how stuff is developed all the time at Microsoft.  It would be nice if the stock went up, but I like that the company kind of just keeps moving along even when the investors don’t get that Microsoft is good at what it does. To test drive IE 10 go…


HTML 5: Become an expert

Introduction: So you want to be an expert at HTML 5, good move.  If you have worked with earlier versions of HTML but never read the specification, it might be a good idea to start out this time by reading the specification.  The specification for HTML5 can be found at: As mentioned earlier, this…