Programming in the cloud, it’s not Monaco, it’s TouchDevelop

Oh sure Monaco is the cool product right now, but if you want to create Windows 8 Apps quickly then you need to take a look at What can you do with TouchDevelop?  Well for a number of theologies you might be in the gift giving time of year.  You could create a cool…


List of links that I am using to figure out Metro/HTML 5 Snap and Fill layout

There are a few ways to do the snapped view, which is the one of main concern since it is skinny compared to the Filled and full views.  I am trying to figure out how to implement an extremely simple example of using snap and fill.  Here is a list what I am reading:  …


5 thingies in a list about WinRT

Need to do a list today, so here it is, feel free to add more in the comment, but 5 seems to be magical WinRT is a set of Windows 8 OS APIs based on classes, objects and members How is this different than the Win32 APIs? Win32 API are C DLL export APIs. WinRT…


HTML 5: What is in IE 10?

In the previous blog post I discussed IE 9 and a short cheat sheet on HTML 5.  What about IE 10, and HTML 5? See the link for HTML 5: Of course for the place to go for HTML 5: Cool.


Free HTML 5 Curriculum for Professors and life long learners!

This is leading edge curriculum that has not been posted to the Microsoft Curriculum repository to the best of my knowledge, so as far as I know it is secret stuff. To be find out how to use Visual Studio 2010 to develop HTML5, see the MSDN Online magazine article: