HTML 5: Alice Pang, Queen of HTML 5 shows you how to cheat at HTML 5?!

Alice Pang is trying to make a name for herself in the world of blogging, which is a sad thing for me as she does a better job than me at blogging.  And today she presents some useful Cheatsheets on HTML 5.  Now normally Alice is honest as the day is long (an old American…


HTML 5: What is in IE 10?

In the previous blog post I discussed IE 9 and a short cheat sheet on HTML 5.  What about IE 10, and HTML 5? See the link for HTML 5: Of course for the place to go for HTML 5: Cool.


HTML 5: What is in IE9?

HTMl 5 is still a work in progress, so if you are making decisions about how to design your web site you might want to turn down some of the excitement about what some of the browser fan-boys are saying on the web.  Also, when I read an article about HTML 5, make sure to…


Free HTML 5 Curriculum for Professors and life long learners!

This is leading edge curriculum that has not been posted to the Microsoft Curriculum repository to the best of my knowledge, so as far as I know it is secret stuff. To be find out how to use Visual Studio 2010 to develop HTML5, see the MSDN Online magazine article:  


HTML 5 and Javascript/ECMAScript: Is this the end my friend for .NET CLR?

I don’t know, really, the answer will be determined at Build, so stay tuned.  And I am not going to speculate, not because of some management thing about mentioning anything about Windows 8, but because my BlatherEngine is low on fuel.  I had burned through a bunch of ideas to get through my vacation timeframe,…


Free HTML 5 Upgrade for Visual Studio 2010 and 2008, all versions!

You can now add the HTML 5 intellisense to your Visual Studio 2010 and 2008, it can be found over at this URL: To make sure the HTML 5 Intellisense is works correctly follow the instructions at:​/html5-support-​in-visual-studi​o-2010 Once you set the HTML 5 switch, then it works, but there are documented issues such…


Free HTML 5 tutorials (免费的 HTML 5 教程)

There are some excellent tutorials out there about HTML 5, but they seem to be fans of Chrome, which is ok, I am a fan of Internet Explorer.  After all it is just about technology, and frankly I like a technology religious war. But really, Chrome is insecure. So I am going to point you…