Metro Design: WP7 & preparing for that OS that can’t be named, yet

Starting your career designing Windows Phone 7 using the Metro Design process To get started watch the three videos at: Metro Design Language of Windows Phone 7 Although when using the phone, the design flows, as a software designer, architect or engineer knowing the basic concepts of the Windows Phone design concepts is important. At…


Great Expression Design: A Simple Compass Control

Christine L_ really knocked it out of the park with their “a Simple Compass Control”. This is a great add to any boring user interface, it actually does something and adds an interesting item for the enduser to enjoy! Great job Christine!


Free ly: Gaming the system: Moving an object on the screen

We all know that guy who is always gaming the system, it’s so irritating, you don’t quite know how he does it, and his career kind of sucks, but somehow he figures it out.  Of course in software there are a lot of people who game the system, here is a clue: Software is about…


Valentines? Cute Silverlight project download and make a comment

Christine has made a very cute little app, a true joy considering the way that most of the Lords of Complexity like to complicate things. Check it out, download it and enjoy it at: Good job Christine, and anyone reading this immediately go over to that link and leave a comment.  Or else the…


Expression Blend 4 for the holidays

Wow, if you got no money and you are looking for something to do that might make you money, then consider using Expression Blend to build phone apps.  Quick easy and requires no case on your part if you are a student or have a .edu email account! I am recently impressed by the ability…


Design Windows Phone Applications, for business or games, using free or sort of free stuff

I guess games are a business.  To get started with really rapid prototyping you will need to install the Expression Ultimate studio 4 (for business you would only need this one) and for games you will need to also add Expression Blend 3 and then either install the Windows Phone SDK or reinstall it after…


Designing WP7 Games: Making Graphics, backgrounds for your game

Oh this title just stinks.  Getting over this stinking cold and my brain is still getting up to speed from the fever.  Well, got to get started sometime. Continuing the review of the, the wheels came off with the video about drawing the background (I mean this only that I got confused by the…


Get started with Silverlight

Getting started with Silverlight, Silverlight 5.0 has just come out and it is way COOL! Now I am the first one to complain about the use of older tutorials, but sometimes they still work, and in the case of Joel Neubeck’s tutorial this is a good one: Since the technology was current in…


Expression Blend at Mix 11

The Expression Group has been improving the quality of the tutorials and other infrastructure around their product.  Good thing, there for awhile it was pretty bad, with Expression 2.0 tutorials mixed in with Expression 3.0 and the UI was quite a bit different. Take a look at the site, it has all of the…


Free Exam Guide 70-511, WPF: ContextMenu as a Static Resource

Ok, back to studying for the 70-511 exam.  So much to do. In the last blog post about Windows Presentation Foundation and static resources Free Study Guide for Exam 70-511: Defining Static resources We covered about why Static Resources and why Dynamic Resources Static Resources are used when the software will not modify the value…