strict in Windows 8 JavaScript

You might notice that the Default JavaScript uses the keyword: strict.  Just what does this mean? Check out the link: In JavaScript when you use strict mode the code you write is forced into a more disciplined design then JavaScript normally does.  You have to declare your variables (I like that), writing to a…


Free eBook or Hunger Games? Read Charles Pertzold’s gripping tale about WP7

So Hunger Games is going to be one of the biggest movies of all time, and Lion’s Gate is pretty happy about that.  However, what is the sleeper book that you can get for free?  Charles Pertzold’s “Programming Windows Phone 7” is a sleeper.  This gripping story of a SmartPhone system’s excellence at design and…


Metro Design: WP7 & preparing for that OS that can’t be named, yet

Starting your career designing Windows Phone 7 using the Metro Design process To get started watch the three videos at: Metro Design Language of Windows Phone 7 Although when using the phone, the design flows, as a software designer, architect or engineer knowing the basic concepts of the Windows Phone design concepts is important. At…


Camels, XAML and Silverlight is dead? Long live Silverlight 5!

Silverlight is dead, but  Scott Guthrie on Dec. 2, 2010, not too long ago, stated the following and about the future of Silverlight: ”… [W}e do live in a very connected world now, and there are a lot of devices out there, and users demand and expect the richest possible experiences on them. And it’s…


Great Expression Design: A Simple Compass Control

Christine L_ really knocked it out of the park with their “a Simple Compass Control”. This is a great add to any boring user interface, it actually does something and adds an interesting item for the enduser to enjoy! Great job Christine!


Expression Blend: I made a copy of a UserControl and now it throws an error

Don’t you hate it when you are going to do a simple thing like copy a UserControl and then it doesn’t work?  Seriously, how can you steal other peoples work if you have to redo all of their code. Well first of all, make sure you tell others about the work that you are using,…


Free ly: Gaming the system: Moving an object on the screen

We all know that guy who is always gaming the system, it’s so irritating, you don’t quite know how he does it, and his career kind of sucks, but somehow he figures it out.  Of course in software there are a lot of people who game the system, here is a clue: Software is about…


Valentines? Cute Silverlight project download and make a comment

Christine has made a very cute little app, a true joy considering the way that most of the Lords of Complexity like to complicate things. Check it out, download it and enjoy it at: Good job Christine, and anyone reading this immediately go over to that link and leave a comment.  Or else the…