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snapLogic at the OC Big Data meetup

I attended the OC Big Data last night and the snapLogic presenter: Ravi Dharnikota did a great job showing the audience what a fantastic product snapLogic is!  Clearly, if you are worried about Cloud Vendor Lock, then snapLogic is a tool you want on your side!

snapLogic is one of those rare product that interact with cloud and is designed to allow high level users to customize their interaction with the cloud data.  The snapLogic web sites is at: snapLogic , use this link to request a demo today and see for yourself what a great product it is.

So let's take a look what got me excited about this product: High Level user customization!

User interface

Visual controls, like the logic controls provided by snapLogic, snap together easily.  This means power users can implement the data processes they need when they require the modifications.  This lowers developer costs and gives the power users a sense of power and control.  The logic controls in snapLogic are fully customizable by developers using javascript.  The design system works on HTML5/JavaScript and that means that the end user can use the Operating System they like.  The interface has been on mobile devices since 2014! (As you know I love the idea of developing on the phone!)

snap Logic GUI

snap Logic GUI





Learn More

If you want to view the Microsoft Webinar next weeks, sign up at:
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