Build 2016: Power BI embedded reaction!

Power BI Embedded, confusing name for me right? Does this mean I run Power BI Embedded on an Intel Edison board? No, of course not. Power BI Embedded uses Azure, instead of Office 365, and allows you to modify existing code, apps, web sites, mobile apps, to include interactive data displays.
So my reaction is: Nice. For example if I had a number of apps running at a hospital for doctors and the nursing staff, then this kind of thing saves time and testing. The Doctors and nursing staff will appreciate the human oriented design you bring to your apps and you don't have to waste a lot of time writing new code, writing new tests and so forth.

So take a look at my instant video on the Power BI embedded.
For a more complete tutorial see the work that my good friend and new father, Mostafa Elzoghbi (nicely done Mostafa), by following the links below the video.

And here is the links to the three part series to get you started with Power BI Embedded:

Power BI Embedded 3 Part Series

See the post for the other two links in the series as well.

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