IOT: Add two blue LEDs to make a haunted house more scary

Have you heard this from a significant other or roommate: “You never do anything with all of the electronics junk you keep buying!”?  You do build things but really that’s it, you have some fun with the device and then tear it down.  But if you want to how off your capabilities, then there are…


IOT: Using a Sound Board to Spook up a boring haunted house

If you have a sound board, about 12 US Dollars on Amazon, example: Link, this one comes with a speaker, if you don’t have one, it’s too late for Halloween, but you will need to do the code so that you can also do the tone library.  


IOT: Exploring the mysteries of HC-05 programming

Sources for the Blog: AT codes and other information about the HC-05 (pdf) Article that finally programmed the HC-05 (Use this article to set-up your programmer) Final goal for this Blog: Well, what is the final goal for this blog entry?  I want to query and change the Passcode and name, this is pretty simple…


Microsoft Flagship Store opens in Manhattan!

Well, I am working on a blog entry that just doesn’t seem to want to finish up, but while being distracted by the internet, I noticed that the Microsoft Flagship store is opened on 677 Fifth Ave. New York City, New York.  And I am very proud of this event.  For more information check out…


IOT: Building a Medical Device

So in general if you want to build a medical device your first design step is: What is the lowest power I can use when designing my device.  Energy in medical devices must be kept low as possible.   In medical devices you usually don’t have to worry too much about complexity, there is no reward…


IOT: Code of Ethics for Software Developers and Engineers

There is a certain car manufacturer that has admitted to “cooking” their software so that it would run one way during tests and then another way during normal operation.  Software designers or engineers have a model for the Code of Ethics that would assist these professionals in how to make correct decisions. The ACM Code…


IOT: Arduino or Particle Photon?

Hard question, the Arduino can be built for next to nothing and use about the same amount of current.  The Particle Photon is quite the device, you have a 32-bit Cortex processor, so you can add security that you would have to add a device to the Arduino for security. There are many reasons to…