Visual Studio 2015 not presenting the XAML design pane

        Update 12/3/2015 You might want to try looking to see if you have two Windows SDK and uninstall the older one, which you may only be able to tell from the version numbers.  See comments below for more information.  Thank you Nicolas!  However, when I did uninstall the extra Windows SDK…


IOT: An interesting video that I watched about the Raspberry Pi 2

Other than spending the day writing up a more technology blog, but today, while working I also had on a video from the Build 2015 event. The demo is how to blink things on and off.  In this case the thing is an LED, unlike the Arduino, Digital Output will always require a resistor, no…


Hour of Code: fun and quiet time for the mature child

Ok, it’s the day after Thanksgiving in the US, for some it’s a day to go shopping, for others the children may be getting your on your nerves.  There are number of things you could do: Feed the children a diet of sugar based foods and cola or even coffee.  This item won’t lead to…


IOT: It’s Thanksgiving Day in the United States

And we have much to give thanks for.  Now let’s talk IOT and making some stuff for Thanksgiving to keep the kiddies and adult makers busy.  No pictures…you will need to figure it out without them: LED Coin Battery light up, this one is easy, if you have any Arduino kit laying about the house…


IOT: Add two blue LEDs to make a haunted house more scary

Have you heard this from a significant other or roommate: “You never do anything with all of the electronics junk you keep buying!”?  You do build things but really that’s it, you have some fun with the device and then tear it down.  But if you want to how off your capabilities, then there are…


IOT: Using a Sound Board to Spook up a boring haunted house

If you have a sound board, about 12 US Dollars on Amazon, example: Link, this one comes with a speaker, if you don’t have one, it’s too late for Halloween, but you will need to do the code so that you can also do the tone library.  


IOT: Exploring the mysteries of HC-05 programming

Sources for the Blog: AT codes and other information about the HC-05 (pdf) Article that finally programmed the HC-05 (Use this article to set-up your programmer) Final goal for this Blog: Well, what is the final goal for this blog entry?  I want to query and change the Passcode and name, this is pretty simple…


Microsoft Flagship Store opens in Manhattan!

Well, I am working on a blog entry that just doesn’t seem to want to finish up, but while being distracted by the internet, I noticed that the Microsoft Flagship store is opened on 677 Fifth Ave. New York City, New York.  And I am very proud of this event.  For more information check out…


IOT: Building a Medical Device

So in general if you want to build a medical device your first design step is: What is the lowest power I can use when designing my device.  Energy in medical devices must be kept low as possible.   In medical devices you usually don’t have to worry too much about complexity, there is no reward…