DirectX: Links to the excellent Charles Petzold articles on DirectX

Charles Petzold is moving to Xamarin, a cross platform design tool company, build once and use many places.  His authorship at MSDN Magazine will be missed deeply.  This is an interesting guy and not reading his writings is usually something I have regretted.  So I pulled together a list of his DirectX articles, here they are sorted newest to oldest, each article assumes college level knowledge of C++:


  1. DirectX Factor - Pixel Shaders and the Reflection of Light
  2. DirectX Factor - Breaking the Z Barrier with Direct2D Effects‎
  3. DirectX Factor - The Canvas and the Camera‎ 
  4. DirectX Factor - Manipulating Triangles in 3D Space‎ 
  5. DirectX Factor - Triangles and Tessellation
  6. DirectX Factor - A 2D Portal into a 3D World‎ 
  7. DirectX Factor - Who’s Afraid of Glyph Runs?‎ 
  8. DirectX Factor - Text Formatting and Scrolling with ...‎
  9. DirectX Factor - Direct2D Geometries and Their Manipulations‎
  10. DirectX Factor - Vertex Shaders and Transforms‎
  11. DirectX Factor - Finger Painting with Direct2D Geometries‎
  12. DirectX Factor - Simulating an Analog Synthesizer‎
  13. DirectX Factor - An Introduction to Audio Processing Objects‎
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