Microsoft //Hackathon: Surface Pro 3 i5 4 gig ram and 128 SSD

Well I can’t talk about the AMAZING thing I built with a team made up of people from Microsoft Research using TouchDevelop, Services, High School Interns and College Interns, but I can discuss that I used the I5 based Surface Pro 3.  Let’s just say that our Hackathon project was very physical and could break things, the Surface Pro 3 survived a lot of abuse. 

I ran Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate, Office, 2013, Eclipse, Chrome, IE 11 (my preferred browser), TouchDevelop, some analytical tools and visualizers, and so forth.  No problems, this included an emergency download and installation of Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate early in the //Hackathon, while using Visual Studio Express 2013 in the background. 

Our product used the Microsoft Windows Phone (sadly only the high end phones would work for this pass of the product), Azure cloud technology and WHOLE lot of fun!  My goal was to have a great demo for students and I got it.  Just have to wait till I can discuss the product, it is AWESOME!

So to give a teaser for the app…umm, no I can’t.  Sorry.  But it is way cool.  Just like the Surface Pro 3.  But if you watch the NFL, let’s just say it could have been down there on the field…ok, not really, but it could be at your home around Thanksgiving.  If you make it.  Yourself. 

(Note to Microsoft internals, please vote for my //Hackathon project!  Any questions please direct them to me at my internal email, thanks!)

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  1. Ransher Singh says:

    Sounds exciting! This kind of end user experience is definetly something that will give a boost to developer adoption of MS3 as a viable alternative to the power laptop/desktop. Waiting to hear more on the project itself!

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