Surface Pro 3: Just bought one on my own nickel, and IT’s AWESOME

Holey Moley!  I just purchased a Surface Pro 3 i5, and it is amazing.  I did not buy the keyboard, I did not buy the breakage plan.

Yep, my wife sent me out on a simple errand, and during the drive home, south bound on the freeway, I suddenly found myself going Northbound on the freeway to the Mission Viejo Mall.  Then for some reason I went into the Microsoft Store, and bought just the Surface Pro 3.  I will use  my Office 365 subscription for Office, and the keyboard, well they are offering the nice keyboard with the breakage insurance for 2 years for $249 with the keyboard and cover.  Kind of wish I had got that, but now I will have to be very careful not to drop the Surface Pro 3.

Been using, the screen is bright, used it with my wife to do our Amazon Fresh order, she really liked the Surface Pro 3.  The i5 seems to be fast and optimized.  I am going to use it with my hobby work, it isn’t for Microsoft work.  The battery appears to be amazing, and the variable kickstand is nice.

But the best thing: The pen is back!  That pen is AMAZING.  Pressure sensitive means that I can get rid of my paints and brushes, but I won’t get rid of my markers, etc.  I still need to feel paper from time to time.  Bear in mind that the pen uses a battery so you will need to replace that from time to time.  And there is some set-up fun with it as well. 

Don’t miss the keyboard except with Visual Studio.  As to the lower processing power, well I can just use Visual Studio online to do my big compiles.  Ha ha, big compiles, by me. 


As to Amazon Fresh

By the way Amazon is nice, but ordering site isn’t really designed  for groceries and the delivery needs work, I really don’t care for them leaving their delivery bags and ice chests.  But in general it is good, not as good as the grocery delivery systems in the early 2000s, but almost, just that the ordering site really needs work, but I won’t detail that here.

When to use Amazon Fresh? If you live in Seattle, SoCal or NorCal and have a busy schedule, it beats being at Trader Joe’s at 9 PM.  And you get to take money from a corporation, which is not something that happens very often.

So considering that the deliveries are on time, the food offering similar to a small grocery store, and you can shop wearing anything you wish, it’s kind of fun.  It was really fun on my Surface Pro 3, and it made my wife less stressed.  So it all worked out. Smile

Comments (4)

  1. I'd need the keyboard. I just would.

  2. Rudy Amid says:

    I went to South Coast Plaza and got my SP3. With keyboard. Awesome laptop replacement!

  3. Surf4Fun says:

    Well Alfred, it turns that I did, so I went and bought a keyboard.  Apparently the membrane keyboard isn't being offered at the Mission Viejo store.

    I also got the breakage policy, which I have never purchased for a laptop before, but to reduce weight I have a feeling but no data, that the glass may be a little thinner.  

    Plus the wifi radio is somewhat weird, but that might be the radio software and I believe, but again no data, there will be a fix.

  4. Dennis Willis says:

    I just received my SP3 I7/256.  Nice BUT the wifi arrives working pathetically, again.  I spent two days with support getting my SP2 to work and now it looks like I have to do the same with SP3.  I think I had to do the same with my SP1 but may have blocked out the painful memory.

    My wish – MS would ship one Surface machine with working WIFI.

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