Arduino Netduino Spark.IO: Building a Win 8 app that consumes Spark.IO output part 2: Model View Controller sort of

These blog entries will jump about as I write them, if you are a regular reader then you understand, if you just dropped in from the internetosphere, then it will seem a little jumpy.  In fact if you just jumped in from the internetosphere for the first time,  then you need to read the disclaimer below, or you might want to review it.

Ok, what is the Model View ViewModel?  Well it seems like a complicated mess to me, this is likely  because I never got it to work before.  But Jerry Nixon showed me that when I do, it will really improve my coding.  I might even lose my amateur standing.  But seriously, I like languages like “C” because the scenarios you use the code in are usually quite simple.  Anyway…that makes sense in my mind.  Moving along.  You could use one of the tutorials:

Model closest to the one Jerry Nixon assisted me in writing:

Or if you like to follow the design patterns historically:

So what does this have to do with explaining the MVC or whatever the initials are currently.  Do some reading, we will continue in Part 3.

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