FREE! Office 365 API Tools – Preview, DOWNLOAD NOW!

Oh my gosh, FINALLY, you can download the Office 365 API Tools from this link

I will be using this to implement some interesting things using the Spark.IO, and the other devices I have laying about.  Using Office 365 API Tools I should be able to get data through the cloud from the Spark or other Arduino or Netduino and graph it so it can be easily ignored or maybe even used to make the world better!

Project types supported:

  1. NET Windows Store Apps
  2. .NET Windows Store Universal Apps
  3. Windows Forms Applications
  4. WPF Applications
  5. ASP.NET MVC Web Applications
  6. ASP.NET Web Forms Applications
  7. Xamarin Android and iOS Applications
  8. Multi-device Hybrid Apps

Pretty cool!


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