Arduino Netduino now the TI CC2541?

When you kind of get technology, and I like to think that I do, sometimes you fall for one of the oldest tricks in the book.  Bright shiny things.  TI CC2541 does have several sensors in it, but the programming process is somewhat harsh and confusing.  But if you are used to working with the 8051, then the CC2541 is your baby.  I think it might be my baby as well, prefect sensor, easy to use, easy to program, but not the way I am used to programming.

But I bought one of the TI CC2541 for $25 and I think it is worth my time, but not my time over learning about the Spark.IO/Arduino or the Netduino or even the 86duino.  I need to move my focus back to the Arduino/Netduino.  However, in a small size the TI CC2541 has a number of useful sensors and Bluetooth, important components, along with a 8051 architecture processors.  I missed that one, I concentrated on the 6502, hey wait a minute is anyone making a 6502?

Just don’t buy the CC2541 on Amazon, the part is available at: , shipping is included, you don’t have a choice it takes about 3 days.

I wonder if they could do a custom run for me.  How much would that cost? 

The Hardware Application Layer or HAL can be modified, but if you are using Windows Embedded 2013 that requires a different level of processor. 

And Windows Embedded 2013 is available from if you are student there is no cost, and you just need to verify that you are student with your email.  Not too bad.  I think the offer is only in the US.

But the TI CC2541 is something I am going to get some students to work on.  After all it is just an 8051, wow, big deal.

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