Coding For Fun: No really, not the Coding4Fun, coding for fun= CodeHunt

Get over to and check out how good you are at programming.  If you need some practice using C# it is all online and secure, or is it?  Maybe you could just hack the site right?  Or you can use Java, which I am doing, right after I work through the C# stuff.

Jam over to the researcher doing the work will be sad if you don’t, but will be quite glad if you do!

Sign in using your Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, or Facebook.  You could even fake a username in case you want to hide your bad coding habits from others.  Then when you finish the test, you can log in and do it again.  Is it cheating?  To answer that: It’s a game, I see no rules that you can’t do that, and frankly who is harmed?  You look good and get practice at coding in a fun way.

What is cheating?  Well, it’s a cheat if there was any rules that said you couldn’t collaborate, practice, dream, think, speak.  Just no rules.  Nope, can’t find any rules against practicing your code.  Don’t see any rules that you can’t get help.  Just you being a free thinker.


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