Internet of things: Summer Reading List

These are books you have to pay for, they are not free.  Some are older, and those will be noted.  I have read a few of these and others I haven’t but plan on checking them out. 

You should note that the books in general indicate that the IDE to use is the Visual Studio 2010 version, but if you go to the URL:

  • Only Visual Studio 2013 Pro or Ultimate will work with the latest firmware, but VS 2010 Express/Pro/Standard/Ultimate will work with the code as well.

Using the tools on the Netduino site, you will be able to use your Netduino Plus 2 to connect with the internet, there will be a few changes, so if you want to use Visual Studio 2010 Express, you can download it easily from:

There are a number of other books but they are aging somewhat, others were very advanced.  In this case you will see in this book, which should be updated by the author since it is excellent:

So if you are reading your technology out on the SurfLine, then the Ocean will punish you, but if you are reading it at the Starbucks between sets, that is ok!

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