Netduino: Setting up the Netduino Plus 2 with Visual Studio 2013

I like C#, and to get started today I just had to have a quick IM with the C# expert on the Team Jerry Nixon.  To get some luck I guess.  My goal this week is the connect my Netduino to Azure and use one of the cheapie sensors that I bought a couple of weeks ago.  You know I often do not always achieve goals that I set because I like to take chances, etc.  So the next few blog posts will be interesting to see if I get on Azure before I get distracted again.

But I needed some luck, and I really want to get my Netduino set-up and working with Azure by tomorrow afternoon.  So let’s see how that works.\

If I can get my .NETDUINO to work with Azure, that would be awesome.

Let’s take a look at the Netduino Plus 2, Ron Kessler, a professor locally, talked me into buying another piece of hardware, but the Plus 2 is pretty pleasing to look at.  Unlike the Arduino boards, the silk screen is crisp and easy to read.  And I like that.

The Netduino Plus 2 has the form factor as an Arduino UNO with a few added pieces like a network connector, micro Memory card and a few other things I haven’t determined yet what they do.  The board has a nice feel to it and now that there is Netduino SDKs that work in VS 2013, I am a pretty happy guy.

Arduino in VS 2013 and Netduino in VS 2013, nice.  (But neither in VS 2013 express versions.)

How to get what you needed the .NET MF an Netduino SDKs loaded on your Windows 8.1 machine:

Installation instructions

Over and out.

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