Internet of Things: Arduino, Visual Micro, Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate, New Sketch Project

If you are a student in the US, and are a STEM student you should make sure to grab the FREE (or Gratis as the lawyers would like for me to say) Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate from your departments DreamSpark Premium right now!  OR if you do have access to a DreamSpark Premium, then you can go to website and sign up using your school email and get the free or rather gratis version of Visual Studio Pro, you will need to use your student email.  While you are there get the free copy of Windows Embedded 8.1 and Windows Embedded 2013 (which used to be known as Windows CE).

Then go to the Visual Micro site and download the Arduino IDE!  Install it like I ask you to do in the previous blog.  And THEN start Visual Studio 2013.  If you are a goof like me, I did the usual Start Page-New Project and then looked in vain for the Visual Arduino thingie in the templates.  HAHA.  Not there.  Fooled you.  And me.

It’s here, whatcha got to do is FILE MENU then NEW ITEM and then see that the Sketch Project is there at the bottom of the fly-out.  Got it?  Good.  This is sweet.


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