Internet of things: Win USB to Arduino via USB/Serial Drivers in Windows 8.1

I use the built in Windows 8.1 USB stuff and like it.  Rolling or building my own drivers is not a good idea, I  can live with the Windows 8.1 built in drivers, but then I work for Microsoft. 

On the other hand: You might want to maintain your own drivers for historical reasons, for example you might be connecting to a CAN automotive bus and don’t want to go through testing again with a new driver.  Completely understand.  Don’t have an easy solution, but others might. 

I am sticking with the Windows provided drivers for safety sake.  And also because I am just putting the whole idea of an Arduino like sensor devices that an use the Windows 8.1 app via a USB port.  Why?  For now, because I want to, I am building a solution that is looking  for a problem.


Talking to USB devices, start to finish (Windows Store app)

Use this link to connect to the process on how to talk to USB devices completely.  It is a long step-by-step process.  I would start early in the day if you are going over this in it’s entirety. 

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