Visio: Using Visio to do design for the Arduino

I am putting together a design template for the Arduino in Visio.  But I did notice that the stencils are kind of a mess.  Seriously, take a look it is pretty funny…

Semiconductors and Electron Tubes?  Ok, I admit that I did do some design with vacuum tubes in my teens, but mostly for high output (for that time) image transmitters and a few radio receivers just for class labs, and then we moved into transistor design, never looking  back.  And yes that was in the LATE 1960s.  Except for a brief period in the 80s where some of my musician buddies talked me into design a few guitar amps, I never used vacuum tubes.  But here we are in the 21st century and Visio templates have Tube Diodes but not a single symbol for Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs.  Really?  Are there a lot of people using Visio that design tube amplifiers? 

Not sure, but the Internet of Things or the Internet of Everything is unlikely to use Vacuum tubes.  I will post the Visio template on the Visual Studio gallery shortly.  Not sure what the vacuum tubes are used for these days.  

AND the bottom line: Make your own stencils, it’s easy, I will do a video later in the week to show you how.

But this is not to make fun of the Visio team, rather it is a call for you to make your own custom stencils in Visio to use for design purposes, here is my Favorites, note I have Arduino devices, and other things in it that I use often.


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