Smart Watch: Microsoft announced their Smart Watch

Yep, Microsoft announced their version of the Smart Watch in 2004.  Yep, 10 years ago.

At the time it seemed pretty cool and impacted my future watch purchases, I always buy the type of watches that use the WWV to synch up the time.  I never did buy one of the MSN Smart Watches.

And you had to subscribe to the MSN services that were only available at certain cities. 

The watch was dropped by Microsoft, but the SPOT O/S lives on at .  And it is a pretty cool operating system that is open source now!

This is the problem with being a leading technology corporation, you come out with stuff so advanced that people forget about when they get caught up.

In my opinion, if a big corporation tries to do watches on their own, it is a big mistake.  The small business can meet the needs.

So I am sticking with the Pebble Watch and figure out how to get my app on it using the Windows Phone.


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