Pebble Watch back in play, Gadgeteer is going into the closet for now.

(Before you quote anything I say as something Microsoft is doing in general, please stop and read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page.  Don't mind the quotes or re-blog or anything, but read the disclaimer.)

Sometimes I have a real issue with bright shiny objects, but usually I am just trying to figure things out quickly.  It is annoying to people, especially managers and people who like detail and successes.  On the other hand it is fun to check things out and be willing to explore things. 

Gadgeteer is annoying for a number of reasons, but it is SWEET because it uses C#, and easy to lay out cables.  Annoying because it is in a transition right now for a few weeks and I am impatient.

So I have settled on the Smart Watch or Pebble Watch because it is relatively cheap and can be produced to be less expensive, although I like the Steel, I am thinking about a range of $30 to $40, cheap plastic, only water proof no sealing for deep dives, etc.  These could be used in a number of scenarios like the Arduino, but because the whole electronics, COMES with a screen, battery holder/charger, buttons and a buzzer makes a pretty good development system as is.

So here is the system I am going to design and put in the phone store, HA! You might exclaim!  This does nothing!  Umm…not really it gives me a starter path.  Now that I have committed a drawing, I now have a roadmap.  And even a bad plan is better than no plan.  Why is this? Plans are homes that “change” lives in.  Without a plan, change is homeless. (Also note I will change the watch screens sometime in the future but the watch faces at the bottom represent text that the phone will generate).


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  1. El Bruno says:

    If you want to stay in C#, you can take a look at > It seems to use .NETMF as the base for the watch 😀 regards

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