Gadgeteer: Continuing saga, can’t make connection to it

Well for some reason, I am unable to connect to my Gadgeteer from my computer, likely it is a power issue and easily resolved, but need a connector for the Power Supply.  Hopefully the Radio Shack down the street is still in business.  Likely this is due to the LCD screen being hooked up.  Pretty sure that yellow triangle indicates that I have a problem.  Anyway, it would be cool to do embedded using C# and the nicely formed Gadgeteer, but since they just did an upgrade on the Gadgeteer, my concerns about the “robustness” is likely wrong.  However, still concerned.  It is a nice interface, in fact the Gadgeteer interface is one of the best ones that I have explored.  GHI Electronics is doing a good job. 

But you can see that the GHI Bootloader Interface (COM 15) has a small triangle next to it.  Most likely indicates a port shut down because of current surge.


Oh well.  Going to work on my Esplora with TouchDevelop.

Spoke with Steven, the somewhat new guy in the team, and he is brilliant.  Going to make me look bad.  Well that doesn’t take much these days.

But like always I am looking for the absolutely fastest way to get this job done, even it takes longer than just powering through the task of building a spiffy new app.

I think the Pebble Watch is the easiest one, but I am going to mess around with it today as well as the Esplora form of the Arduino.

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