Netduino or Arduino? That is the question.

Well I am thinking about how to build circuits fast and with solid connections.  Ardunio annoying in some ways because the programming language: ‘Processing’ is pretty low level, which is good.  But on the other hand, the way to program the Netduio Gadgeteer is by using C# (which is NOT owned by Microsoft by the way,  Java is owned by Oracle).

So I have to give the Netduino a 5 for it’s computer language that is based on a higher level language.  Arduino fails here, the “Processing” computer language, although can be rich, isn’t by nature as rich as the C# language and IDE, Arduino gets a 2 out of 5.

Operating system?  The Netduino gadgeteer is a better operating system using the modular operating system based on a derivative of Windows 8.  Arduino has a very basic O/S installed. Neduino gets the 5 points, but Arduino also gets a 4, mainly because the operating system is SIMPLE.

Repeatability?   By this, can I get hardware production runs accomplished efficiently with the Gadgeteer/Netduino?  Arduino: Definitely, Gadgeteer?  Don’t know, Arduino wins the 5 points here, Gadgeteer gets a 1.

Availability of shields?  Arduino: 5 Gadgeteer: 3

Can Arduino use Gadgeteer components? No. Can Gadgeteer use Arduino components? Yes.  Score: Arduino: 1 Gadgeteer:  5

Gadgeteer: 19. Comparatively the Gadgeteer community much smaller or less active: 1

Arduino: 17 Add community points 5

So for me Arduino gets a little better score overall, and if you include the community, well that is also great and an additional bunch of points as well.  When you factor in the folks who think that C# isn’t cool, or can’t run Visual Studio, then Arduino scores a little higher since they tend to get the most visibility virally.

Now add that I have a lot of Gadgeteer shields from my good friend Kenny Spade, I will be using the Gadgeteer. but make sure to order some Arduino interface components from GHI.

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