Onedrive: Using it for Video streaming, very nice not to have advertisements

Well, one thing you can say about Google: They know how to advertise in your face and how to read your inbox.  Microsoft is good at neither of those really, Microsoft advertisement just doesn’t seem that pushy to me, but then again I am a stockholder and Technology Evangelist, so I am going to have my attitude about the other guys.  I would expect you to adjust yours to your attitude, or not.  Kilgore Trout’s cousin Gilgore Trout is visiting my muse today, so things are a little weird.

You know if you use Onedrive for Video Streaming there are no advertisements in some versions, I think the completely free version has advertisements.  So Microsoft is never been anything but honest about their motive to be profitable, so to get to the good stuff you will need to pay a few cents a day.  You can get Bing Points to compensate for now, and I use it to get lunch from burger king from time to time.

So to use OneDrive, click on Office Online, it will direct an ad at you for Office Online because Microsoft is in business to make money, so note the advertisement is focused on the product, NOT YOU or WHAT you talked about in your emails.  If it does let me know.


If you are an MSDN, or Bizspark subscribers, then make sure to connect up with your Office accounts provided in your subscription. 

Then you should see this screen, and you will if you have your subscription set up correctly:


It is just cool and works every time on my system, a borrowed Apple Computer, and so forth.

Now I have to go actually do work I am not passionate about.  Here is the thing that people don’t tell you about doing work you are passionate about, there will always be some work you HAVE to do that you are not passionate about.  And you should perform that work with skill and grace, because if you screw it up, everyone will keep making you do it till you get it right.  So skill and passion should be applied to work you are passionate about as well as work you are not passionate about.

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