Pebble Watch: Some clarification

In two blog watching sites, there may have been some confusion about my role, I am NOT a Microsoft Engineer, I am a Microsoft Technical Evangelist, different job roles.  Very different.  Microsoft Engineers are productive, useful, hard working and create things that are used billions of times a day.  Me, I spend most of my day trying to figure out how I can go surfing more often.  Or if the surf is bad, I work with students and professors to help them understand Microsoft products better.  It’s a good gig and certainly better than I deserve.

My previous blog about the Pebble Watch, was MY VIEW, MY IDEA, and was focused on using the Pebble to demonstrate Azure and so forth.  This blog is always my idea I do not get a “focus” document, or talking points or anything from Management or anyone in Microsoft.  Sometimes the excellent marketing  people I work with suggest that I should talk about things like LAHacks, BEFORE LAHacks happened (which note that I didn’t), not AFTER.

So what I write may be right or it may be incorrect.  It might seem like I toe the Microsoft line, but I really like working for Microsoft, they are good to me and I think to their customers.  But when it comes to this blog, I am given complete freedom to write about what I want.

And in this blog:

I wrote about being excited about talking to a Pebble Engineer at LAHacks and that I really like the design philosophy of the Pebble watch: Keeping it simple.

But thank you to the following sites, but I am individually working on a demonstration app for Pebble Watch to Windows 8 (or 8.1, who knows?) for use in my job individually because I am passionate about wearable electronics right now.  No program is paying me to do that and I don’t know if there is an official app since I usually ignore the internal conversations because the chats tend to move toward complexity levels that I don’t use in my talks or demos.

To see a real worker inside of Microsoft explain the situation with Pebble see the Pebble Forum at: 

In the phone store there are several apps for the Pebble Watch, but the one by a Nokia engineer is called Skim.

That’s it, and thank you Gizbot and Winbeta for the shout out!  But just be aware that I am an Evangelist and not an Engineer.  Remember: Engineers work for a living and I am still trying to grow up.

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