Hardware: Just bought a Dell Venue Pro 8, it is awesome!

It’s awesome the Dell Venue Pro 8, runs the full version of Windows 8.1, comes with Student Office and an 11 hour battery life.  There was a deal through Microsoft but I missed it so I bought it from the Microsoft Store for $299, and that is a STEAL!


  • Size, fits in your hand nicely
  • Weight: Light
  • Camera: 5 Megapixels
  • Comes with Office Home and Student version, that you have to load from the internet
  • Screen Resolution: Sharp as a tack
  • Runs Visual Studio
  • Runs Office and Office is supplied
  • 2 Gigs of memory works well for the 32 bit O/S Windows 8.1 Home version


  • Drive: 32 Gigs, although there is a 64 available from Dell, I overcome this by add a 64 Gig SD drive, $39.99 from Fry’s
  • Screen Resolution: 1280 by whatever, makes the “Desktop” kind of hard to read, but the sharpness of the screen overcomes many ills
  • Micro USB only mechanical output: Overcame this problem by buying at the Microsoft Store a MicrosUSB to VGA adapter, $34.99.  Got a convertor from MicroUSB to regular USB for $4.99 from Fry’s.
  • Screen Glare: Still can compete with the low resolution non-glare screen of a Kindle Paperwhite for reading outdoor, otherwise the screen is very well done.
  • Doesn’t support DirectX 11.2 (wow, big deal)


  • Reader, this system does PDFs and Kindle nicely, with the 11 hours it is fine for a long period of reading, taking notes using OneNote is a big help instead of the process on a Kindle PaperWhite
  • Note taker: Using the extended capacitive pen ($25 from Dell, you can’t use other pens)  this device is just like the pen driven devices like the Surface Pro and is pressure sensitive
  • Sketching using Fresh Paint, well I won’t throw away my water colors just yet, but it’s close!
  • Spreadsheets: Works nicely, just increase the size of the sheet
  • Word Processing: On board keyboard is not really good for this, but add a Bluetooth and it’s fun
  • PowerPoint: Easy to work with!
  • OneNote: This system is built for OneNote!


Buy!  This is just the stocking stuffer anyone wants, except for the diehard iPad user.  This is a full up working tool that will run the most demanding software, except for 3D rendering.

For $299 you can’t beat this device.  Get a few, and give them away for Christmas.

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