C++/CX/DirectX: I want to use DirectXTK w/o using nuget

Your choice, some people love nuget others hate it because it is kind of flaky in weird ways.  Good for you.  If you want to use the DirectX Tool Kit and don’t want to use Nuget you definitely don’t need to.  In fact, with the current flakiness of Nuget, it might be advised. (And yes, if you aren’t seeing the Nuget flakiness then it is a great tool! But some people have issues it is definitely inconsistent, and annoying).

So first of all download DirectX Tool Kit from: http://directxtk.codeplex.com/

And you will need to include it in all of your projects, but there are two extra steps you need to take to make it work.  And these instructions are included on the:

http://directxtk.codeplex.com/wikipage?title=DirectXTK&referringTitle=Documentation page, but might be a little confusing.  Why?  There are some confusing words mainly, since VS changes rapidly these days, what worked just a few months ago in VS 2012 or VS 2010 has changed.  Here are the confusing words:

In your application's project settings, on the "C++ / General" page set Configuration to "All Configurations", set Platform to "All Plaforms", and then add the path $(SolutionDir)\DirectXTK\inc; to the Additional Include Directories properties. Click Apply.

First off if you go to your Application project setting you will see this:

First make sure your Common Properties looks like this for the DirectX Tool Kit.  YOu have to change the
Reference Assembly Output to false from true.

Now you might be asking:
Where is the C++/Design?

Yep some people would.

If you select the Solution Property page instead of the Project property page you will find that there is a configuration properties setting. 

For the most part I just ignored that part.

Now, you do need to do one more thing, and this is where nuget is useful.  You do need to add the path to the include files.

You should be on this screen:

Using the drop down box select <Edit…> image
Click on the little folder
then see the next row in this table.
In the little white line that is exposed to you, add the path to the include files that in DirectX Tool Kit image
That’s it.  If nuget doesn’t work for you, then this is the alternative process.  
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