C++/DirectX/CX: WinRT investigation, creating the WinRT project

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Well working with WinRT, this is a mystery to many college students, especially the motivation.to use WinRT.  Basically the motivation is to be able to write code using the best possible language and then consume it in a different language or even the same language.

In most of the documentation it seems as if you would only use WinRT with C++, this isn’t the case.  You could use C# say to build a XML Reader and Writer and then consume it in C++.

Let’s dig into the creation of the WinRT project in this blog, make sure to scroll down to see how to create the WinRT Project.

Creating the WinRT project:

First open Visual Studio 2012 or Visual Studio 2013 and create a new Windows Store Project of the type WinRT, make sure to change  the filename to WinRTDemo and change the class filenames to match:


Header file

Ok, the following in the “pretend” physics header file, we are going to just do a simple calculator, but it could be the more complicated physics header.

Scroll down to get the code to copy and paste into your app.


//************ Begin the copy and pasting of your code, my app is named WinRTDemo*******

#pragma once

namespace WinRTDemo
    ref class Rule;
    public delegate void DivideByZeroHandler(Rule^ sender);

    public ref class Rule sealed

        // ctor
        Rule(double initial);

        // operations
        void Bounce_Physics(double value);
        void Add_Physics(double value);
        void Subtract_Physics(double value);
        void Multiply_Physics(double value);
         void Divide_Physics(double value);

        void Reset_Physics(double value);
        void Reset_Physics();

        property double Result_Physics
            double get();

        event DivideByZeroHandler^ DivideByZero;

        double _result;

//*****************End copy and paste code for header file*************

Now for the code in the source file

Scroll down for the copy and paste code


//***********Copy and paste code***************

// Class1.cpp
#include "pch.h"
#include "Physics.h"

using namespace WinRTDemo;
using namespace Platform;

Rule::Rule(double initial) : _result(initial)

Rule::Rule() : _result(0)

void Rule::Add_Physics(double value)
    _result += value;
void Rule::Subtract_Physics(double value)
    _result -= value;
void Rule::Multiply_Physics(double value)
    _result *= value;
void Rule::Divide_Physics(double value)
    _result /= value;
void Rule::Reset_Physics()
    _result = 0.0;

//********* End of copy and paste ***********************

That’s it you have a simple example of a WinRT code that you can consume in other languages or even the same language.

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