C++/DirectX/CX: Consuming WinRT in C++

Well consuming WinRT in C++ isn’t all that special is it?  Unless the WinRT is written in C#, ours isn’t, because this blog is also being consumed by students and this is the way I did the lecture.

In the previous blog you created a WinRT app, now you will consume it in C++, the process is slightly different than the process for C#, Visual Basic, or JavaScript/HTML5.

First create new Blank C++/XAML app, name it PhysicsCalculatorCPP


Add a Blank App (XAML) name it PhysicsCalculatorCPP


Set the reference, by right clicking on Properties


Click on “Add a new Reference”


Make sure to check the box next to the WinRT

Then click OK


The property page will look like this image

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