C++/CX/DirectX: brilliant use of DirectX sample

I am teaching a game design  class at UCLA that a number of students are suffering through, but they seem to be having fun.  I was also assigned an excellent TA to help me out: Konstantinos Sideris, who is absolutely brilliant and seriously a better teacher than I am.

Konstantinos took one of the sample apps and has really moved forward with it to turn it into a learning tool for the students! 

Take a look at the sample: Direct3D sprite sample

And now take a look at the resulting work of a few days (bear in mind this is XAML/C++/CX/DirectX) at: https://github.com/ksideris/Direct2D-game-engine

It looks good and with a little work is going to be an excellent teaching tool, which is BASED off a Windows 8.1 sample!  This is an excellent process and method, use other code as a base.

Thank you Costas!


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