C++ and .NET: What’s the /ZW and the /clr incompatibility thang?

SUP with the /clr and /ZW incompatibility?  For that matter why /ZW and not /clr, and if you are a beginner why should you care?

Now, C++ is separated from .NET, sort of, if you set the complier tag to /ZW you cannot use /clr which is the setting for the C++ to be able to use .NET.  The /ZW means you can use the WinRT.  WinRT and .NET are not compatible. 


WinRT are  Win 8 APIs based on classes, objects and members. C++ programmers expect to call C runtime APIs and WinRT APIS.

WinRT versus .NET

Uggh, I give up, just go to this excellent article on how the WinRT and .NET functions:


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